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List updated September 1, 2022    

Policy Statements

URL Placement Policy

If URLs are provided for student use in student textbooks, they must only be URLs for websites of the federal, provincial, and/or territorial governments of Canada. These URLs are permitted in order to allow for links in student textbooks to current information, while also ensuring content reliability. If cited, such URLs will be placed in the area of the textbook from the table of contents through to the glossary and/or index. All other URLs for student use must be placed in the teacher's guide that accompanies the student textbook.

For the purpose of acknowledgement of sources used in student textbooks (e.g., a poem, short story, cartoon, photograph), including Canadian government sources, a publisher may be required, through licensing agreements, to cite the URL of the copyright holder. To meet such requirements, the URL of the copyright holder must be cited and must be placed only in the acknowledgement section of the textbook.